Our story

Once Upon A Time...

Having worked in the digital world for various organizations we felt that we can provide far better solutions to help businesses achieve their business objectives, faster and better. We synergised for our own venture to provide holistic digital solutions that our clients and their clients need. What has moved us forward to reach where we are today, within a short span of time, is the creative ways we think to solve digital problems our clients face.

The thought that runs throughout our highly motivated team is, Quality!

What is Karma Valley? Let us break it down for you. The name KARMA is the collection of the initials of five founder members. Though not all five gathered to market digitally, we took our first step and decided that we can achieve greater things together because of our complementing knowledge and skills needed to run a fast growing digital firm, successfully. And VALLEY? A valley was all we saw right in front of us, while we were hogging on a small wall. Hence, KARMA VALLEY!

With that the first call was not so far away. It was from a friend asking us to make a logo, which started everything. And now, here we are… Combining our collective experience of over 20 years in technical and tactical skills to assist.

We are eagerly waiting to lend a hand to initiate your own EMPIRE or
brand it into an industrial GARGANTUAN!

Our Ideologies


People always come first

We believe in placing people above all. For the people by the people is why we are here. Digital solutions are meant to inspire and transpire with the emotes of people.


Smart work eclipses all

Well, we didn’t get the saying wrong. In this age where time is money; working smartly and efficiently is going to be the difference in being a sensation or just another brand out there.


Creativity leads to solutions

In today’s crowded market place, being well represented in the digital world as well as differentiating from others is important to succeed. For that, one must be able to offer something different using innovative ways. To innovate creativity is the foundation. To make you stand out in innovative ways we provide creative solutions.


Carpe Diem

Everyday is a refreshing new challenge and we are ready to ride against the tides! A pandemic was what we needed to realise how low-key everyone assumed digital solutions are. With us, You can lead the world as the greatest entrepreneurs you are meant to be.

The Team

Aadhithyan Thirumoorthy

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Marketing Officer


Creative Master

Abaraajith Thirumoorthy

Technical Lead

Dr. Ronald

On(line) Site Doctor